Soundmatters' foxL: A portable speaker that actually sounds decent?


Billed as being “audiophile-grade,” the soundmatters foxL is a portable speaker system designed for travelers (and other folks on-the-go) with a discerning ear. As you can see, it’s small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand, which is usually the best method of determining whether or not a speaker is worth your money.

Soudmatters chalks foxL’s performance up to two linear magnetic drive twoofers. Reminds me of blast processing, or whatever Sega was hawking back in the day.

If it means anything, the dud from AV says it sounds “insanely great.” Not too much wiggle room there, as “insanely great” can really only mean one thing. All of that being said, the foxL will only set you back $199 when it comes out on September 1, though the Bluetooth-equipped one is $50 more.