Mitsubishi showcases super-thin LCD TV

Mitsubishi Electric yesterday unveiled a prototype LCD TV [JP], which is just 40mm thick. The company said it’s “REAL” TV is full HD but didn’t reveal any details regarding screen size, price and technical features.

Mitsubishi separated the display from the tuner and integrated wireless transmission units into both devices, which are able to transmit uncompressed full HD video signals over a distance of up to 30 meters. A Blu-ray recorder similar in size and design to the tuner was also showcased.

Mitsubishi plans to mass produce this kind of TV/Blu-ray recorder sets as early as this fall and says they hope to be able to find a niche for its product amid growing demand for flat-screen TVs in Japan. The minimum size of the new TV will be 40 inches.

As of now, it’s unknown whether it will be sold outside Japan as well.