3 and Skype announce newer Skypephone

UK carrier 3 and Skype have announced a next generation Skypephone. The S2 update seems to be about mobile surfing and multimedia functions as the Skype connectivity seems unchanged. Updated features include a bigger 320 x 240 screen, (improved from 176 x 220), a 3.2-megapixel camera (better than the older models 2-megapixels) and 50MBs of internal memory, as well as compatibility with up to a 4GB micro SD card.

The latest model also comes HSDPA-capable, and Web applications like Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and Google are now highlighted with the S2’s “revolutionary carousel interface” or a key on the side of the phone that lets users easily switch between applications.

The Skypephone S2 is set to be available from 3’s Web site beginning August 27 for 70 pounds ($130) or free with a contract of at least 15 pounds a month.

Via Reg Hardware