Our Weekend Social Experiment

Our weekend social experiment: Upload a picture, win a TechCrunch Tshirt. You may have noticed our post on Picwing earlier today. While we’re waiting 6-8 weeks for the damn picture frame to arrive, I’ve decided to create a new album that allows anyone to upload photos. Email an image to TCR@picwing.com and it will appear in the widget below. See the whole album here.

Whoever submits the best picture, defined solely by me or more likely one of our interns that I assign this to, will win a TechCrunch tshirt in the size of their choice (we have all womens and mens sizes except, alas, men’s medium). Go for interesting or funny, that’s the best way to win. The first picture in the album is our very own Dan Kimerling holding up a tshirt that with a little effort could soon be in your hands. We’ll notify the winner by emailing whatever email you use to submit the picture.

Anything disgusting or not safe for work will be removed immediately and you will be banned from TechCrunch for life.

Have fun! The winner will be chosen on Sunday. I’ll be shutting down submissions overnight as I sleep, then back on in the morning – no moderation mode.