New SCOTTEVEST fleece jackets available for preorder

While it still may be a little too warm out to start thinking about winter wear, it can’t hurt to plant the seed early – especially when it means getting a good deal. If you preorder the new SCOTTEVEST fleece, you’ll get it for $120. The regular price is $140. Plus, you can use our coupon code – crunchSeV – to get another 20% off. That’ll lower the price down to $96. That’s a great price for a jacket you can basically wear all fall, winter, and spring. Hell, wear it in the summer, too. Whatever floats your boat.

I have last year’s version and the ability to remove the sleeves – going from vest to jacket in a couple of zips — coupled with the fact that I’m still finding pockets hidden here and there make it a great jacket. I think the defining moment was when I used the jacket as my carry-on — sticking my laptop and a magazine in the giant pocket that makes up the back lining – and walking around the airport unfettered.

The jacket is warm, too. You can wear it all winter long – no parka needed. It holds your body heat like a Ziploc bag. A nice looking, fuzzy Ziploc bag.

Fleece 5.0 Jacket [] – Use code “crunchSeV” for 20% off.