HTC: No, seriously, we'll have an Android phone in 2008

It seems like every week, some analyst firm comes out and declares that HTC is going to miss its fall 2008 Android handset launch date. Each week, HTC then comes along and calls shenanigans on the claim, reassuring the masses that the handset is still on schedule. Rinse, lather, repeat.

This week’s naysayer is Global Equities Research, who claims that technical and minimum payment issues are bogging things down too much for it to launch on time. As was to be expected, an HTC spokesperson responded with:

1st: The reference in the article, that there is a delay in the delivery, does not match the facts.
2nd: HTC still expects to the launch the first Android-based unit in the 4th Quarter (2008).

Who’s in the right? Who cares. With the lack of (good) Android news or SDK updates as of late, my interested in Android has faded drastically. Come on, Google – give us something to talk about.

[Via the::unwired]