Conspiracy: Is Microsoft funding the Xbox 360 FFXIII port?

Simpler times

Is Microsoft footing the bill for the upcoming Xbox 360 port of Final Fantasy XIII? We’ll find when the next issue of Famitsu hits, which, say several “insiders,” has a cover feature on the game. One of the topics discussed therein, how and why Square Enix decided to bring the game to the Xbox 360.

There’s also more word on the game’s release date—in Japan by next summer, in the U.S. by the end of 2009—and a debate about the game’s graphics.

Famitsu, if you’re not familiar, is probably the most respected Japanese video game magazine, and not one that peddles around cheap rumors to sell a couple extra copies.

If it comes out that Microsoft is in some part funding the port, would you even be surprised, or angry? Didn’t Microsoft give Rockstar a big sack of money to make Grand Theft Auto IV DLC exclusive to the Xbox 360?