Victor-JVC rolls out new portable audio player for Japan

Today Victor-JVC announced [JP] they will be adding a new portable audio player to their Alneo series of portable media players, the XA-M10/20/40. Hitting Japan in early September, the 1GB XA-M10 is expected to retail for $110, while the 2GB XA-M20 will cost $130. The XA-M40 with 4GB will be sold at the beginning of October for $150.

The players will be available in red, pink, blue, black and white and measure 40.7×80.2×11.1mm (weight: 30g). They are compatible to MP3/WMA/WAV audio files and also feature an FM radio, a voice recorder (up to 24 hours recording time) and a USB port.

A release of these Alneo players outside of Japan is uncertain at this point, but at least all three different models feature English menus.