Nokia unveils pricing for Files On Ovi

Launched in July of this year, Files on Ovi is a service from Nokia which allows you to access files on your Windows-powered computer from your mobile handset (or any web browser, really.)

While the application and base service are free, it requires your computer to stay on back at home. If it’s off (or your net connection dies), your files become inaccessible.

For those special files that you absolutely must to be able to access, Nokia’s got a premium service called “Anytime Files”. For a bit of cash — $80/year for 10GB, $150/year for 30GB — you can sync your most important files to Nokia’s always-on servers.

With handset storage capacities ballooning and the ready availability (and dirt cheap prices) of SDHC cards, I can’t really think of any files I’d need to pay $80 bucks a year for that I couldn’t bring with me easily anyways. Frequent travelers, pitch in your two cents. Is it worth it?