FujiFilm Glam Cam expands face detection, looks marvelous

Aiming for style, FujiFilm today unveiled the FinePix Z200fd. The new “glam cam” has a range of features that digital camera owners have come to expect, and added a couple of new ones.

The camera looks cool, no doubt about it, but Fuji hopes to attract buyers with more than just style. The 10 MP camera sports a 5X optical lens, a 2.7” LCD screen and sensitivity settings up to ISO 1600.

Fuji is expanding on their face detection technology with the new Couple Timer Mode and Group Timer Mode. Both of these are self-timer modes, with Couple Timer snapping the shot as the two faces come together, and Group Timer taking the shot when a pre-determined amount (up to four) faces have been detected.

I’m really not sure how useful either of these new features really are, but any time you can set a camera to take oddly timed photos. I’m all for it. Personally, I would set it on a shelf at a party and let the camera surprise people as they walked into the frame. Good times…