Samsung Instinct gets its first firmware update, second coming soon

Earlier this morning, Sprint rolled out the first firmware/software update for the Samsung Instinct. What got fixed, you ask? No one’s exactly sure, just yet. As the update lacks patch notes, finding the fixes has become a bit of an Easter egg hunt for Instinct users. Noted so far are perceived performance enhancements, and a battery meter fix – Let us know if you find anything else.

To update your Instinct, just go to Main -> Settings -> General -> Update Phone.

The next update shouldn’t be more than two weeks off according to Will England, administrator of Sprint’s Buzz About Wireless. From a forum post by Will:

There are two updates. One will fix the native software on the phone. That’s available today. The second update will be in about two weeks that will update the third party applications to use the new features and changes pushed out today. Both updates will be over the air. There should be no reason to go to the store at all.

Will also mentions that patch notes for today’s update are in the works and should be available sometime tonight.