WidgetBucks Launches Skinnable Advertising Widgets

WidgetBucks, a widget-based advertising platform that has seen explosive growth since its launch last October, has implemented a new feature that allows users to created customized versions of their widgets. Users can choose from a selection of over 125 pre-generated designs, or they can upload their own art to modify their widget.

The ability to create branded widgets at no extra charge should appeal to a number of bloggers who have avoided using the ads because of their generic appearance. WidgetBucks continues to see impressive growth, with an estimated 1 billion impressions and 100 million unique visitors monthly.

new SWFObject(“http://images.widgetbucks.com/skins_advance/wbtw_skin160x300.swf?uid=yhh6IES1tf0sFQU4&apiURL=http://api.widgetbucks.com&skinpath=http://images.widgetbucks.com/gallery/125001/”, “wb_techcrunch”, “160”, “300”, “7”).write(“wb_container_techcrunch”);