Plankton wants to stick a nail in your USB drive

I thought I’d seen everything when I saw a website dedicated to selling shirts with bacon on them.
However, I was proven wrong when I saw a website dedicated to selling a USB flash drive in the shape of a huge nail.

The name of this USB flash drive is “Nailed” and you can learn all about it at Plankton Station. With a name like Plankton Station you’d think the site would be selling fish food for your expensive saltwater aquarium and not a USB novelty. You’d also think they’d want to wait to go live until they had more than a single product and a mission statement.

The drive itself is a little pricey, it comes to about $46.50 USD and features only a 1 GB storage. I guess that is a small price to pay for the illusion if hammering a nail in to your beloved and/or hated computer. (No actual hammering required or recommended)