Vonage launches a new Pro package that includes VoIP calling

Vonage has launched a new package called Vonage Pro, which enables users to place VoIP calls anywhere they have a broadband connection. Jamie Haenggo, Vonage’s chief marketing officer had this to say about the service:

“Vonage Pro is the VoIP offering that prosumers have been asking for to help them stay connected while on the go.”

Strong words from a strong man (or lady, possibly). The package comes with an updated version of Vonage Companion (Mac version coming soon), which is a SoftPhone powered by CounterPath. All you need to do to use this service is install the software, hook up a headset, and you’re ready for business. If you’re wondering, incoming calls ring on both the home phone and the SoftPhone. You can also make two different outgoing calls at the same time (one over VoIP and the other on the home phone). It also has the other expected features like personalized ring tones, call recording, and call blocking.

If this sounds like something you interested in, expect to pay $35 a month (new customers only) for their unlimited calling package. If you’re an existing customer you can upgrade to Pro for an additional $10 a month.