September release: MacBook with multi-touch glass trackpad, regular screen?

Another Apple rumor floating around seems to suggest that new MacBooks will be released in September that will not include multi-touch screens, instead opting to build upon their already established multi-touch trackpad.

By utilizing the rumored glass trackpad, Apple may be betting on gestural trackpad as being the next logical step in notebook evolution. They already have incorporated the technology in some of their current notebooks. At the very least we can expect to see fuller integration of a gesture library. Certainly, the recent patent filing by Apple would seem to suggest so.

It remains to be seen if the company will announce an alternate design incorporating multi-touch screens, but for now, they seem to be concentrating on refining the notebook experience via the traditional trackpad. Unless of course, they plan on debuting MacBooks with extended trackpad capabilities and some sort of MacBook utilizing a multi-touch screen.