Three iPhones, three different screens

Since the iPhone was released, reports have surfaced about varying degrees of screen quality. Above we see a comparison of three phones, the original iPhone is on top, with the bottom row both being 3G’s, 8GB on the left, 16 GB on the right. All three are running OS X iPhone, 2.0 (5A347), with brightness turned all the way up.

Previous reports have surfaced about the screen having a yellow tint, but that was mostly rectified by updating your firmware to 5A347. Differences in the screen capabilities and quality are potentially a much larger issue. The 8GB model above is noticeably darker that the others – and that’s at maximum brightness.

Tested by iLounge Editor Jesse Hollington, the 16 GB iPhone was said to have a greater range of brightness, going so far as to even get a bit darker when brightness was turned all the way down. When tested for ‘negative black’, the 8GB model was found to invert at a less pronounced angle than the 16 GB model, effectively reducing the angle of usability.

This may be acceptable parameters on the part of Apple quality control, or there may be units out there with honest-to-goodness defective screens. Best bet would be to test it out for yourself before you buy.