Glu Brings HipSoft’s Build-a-lot to Mobile Phones

Mobile game company Glu announced today that it has partnered with HipSoft to bring Build-a-lot to the small screen. If you have ever dreamed of buying old houses and renovating them for resale but can’t hit a nail with a hammer, this is the game for you.

Put all those hours of watching This Old House and get rich quick real estate infomercials to good use with Build-a-lot. In the game you renovate old houses or build new ones in a variety of neighborhoods. Then you can try to resell them at a profit or rent them out. A little sweat equity can go a long way when it comes to the housing market.

“Glu is a natural partner for us to bring one of our most highly successful games to the mobile phone,” said Brian Goble, co-founder of HipSoft. “Build-a-lot is a strategy game requiring a unique interface that will make the game easy to learn and fun and exciting to play. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Glu, a company that has had many past successes of turning popular online games to popular mobile games.”

Build-a-lot was named Action/Arcade Game of the Year by Big Fish Games and Strategy Game of the Year by RealArcade. Glu expects to publish the mobile version early in 2009.