Samsung announces holiday lineup of HDTVs

Series 9 is pictured above
Announced earlier today were updates to four of Samsung’s varying HDTV lines. First up is the Series 6 LCD HDTVs that feature ToC (Touch of Color), you know, the red bezel on top of a 40,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, full 1080p picture, and Auto Motion Plus 120Hz technology. A flash memory drive is also onboard so you can drop in music and images via USB port. The Series 6 630 HDTVs will be available next month in 40-, 46- and 60-inch models. Prices and specs after the jump.

Keep reading for more info on Series’ 7-9 with the latter being the cream of the crop as they say.

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Series 7 is the plasma line of HDTVs for Samsung and this one features a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. This, too, features the ToC that Samsung is all hyped up on these days, but that’s not all. Samsung’s Ultra Filter Bright system provides anti-glare in all situations, while a next-gen video processing technology dubbed DNIe Pro and 18-bit Natural True Color supposedly “ensure the subtle details are not sacrificed.” You can even switch between Day and Night modes after professional calibration has been done wherein picture settings have been saved according to varying ambient light. The Series 7 also comes with InfoLink, which is an RSS service that pushes out content from USA Today and displays it on the screen. Not sure how many of you want to see weather, stock prices and news on your screen when watching TV, but it’s there if you want it. This line also has a USB port so you can play back MP3s, JPEGs, XviD and MPEG4 files. It’s also DLNA compatible and comes with four HDMI 1.3 inputs. This fancy line of Plasmas will be available next month in 50-, 58- and 63-inch models.

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The Series 8 (LCD) shakes it up with a 1.9-inch thick frame (depth) with red (850) and blue (860) ToC options with a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, full 1080p video and Auto Motion Plus 120Hz. This also features most of the goods mentioned above but you can also purchase the Samsung Wireless LinkStick for $35 that lets you access all the InfoLink data wirelessly. Both versions will be available in September in a 46- and 52-inch model. The 860 carries a $100 premium over the 850 sets.

scaled.Samsung LN46A860 LN52A860 LCD front

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And now onto the flagship Series 9 LED LCD HDTVs. This, too, features a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 120Hz technology with LED backlighting. The ToC on this line is dark grey and comes with all the goodies from all the other lines. The Series 9 boasts the ability to “express actual black levels by completely shutting off a pixel’s light source, eliminating the grayish black picture plaguing many LCD HDTVs. Conversely, groups of pixels can be locally controlled to produce more light increasing the brightness of the Series 9’s picture when necessary. This seemed to be true from watching a few minutes of “Batman Begins” on it. Look for this line to be out next month in 46- and 55-inch models.

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