Palm tweaked our browser

More from the cheeky Inquirer, this time with some finger pointing from Japanese software firm Access, which makes the Netfront Mobile browser and bought PalmSource back in 2005. While the firm lists Garnet OS (Palm’s OS) as a compatible system for its Netfront mobile browser version 3.5, the company told the Inquirer that if Palm wants it to make the new browser available for Garnet-based devices, it’ll have to ask.

An Access spokesperson told the Inquirer that the company “generally does not make available updates to the NetFront Browser unless the manufacturer specifically requests this from us,” also that it doesn’t plan on providing the browser to Palm, since the company “made changes to the original OS.”

The Inquirer didn’t think Palm could have made significant enough changes for the Netfront browser to no longer work, and even downloaded a three-year old browser from a defunct Russion company to check. Yup, that one still worked.