3-D TV task force looks for a set of standards

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers have created the 3-D Home Display Formats Task Force to develop a standard for home viewing of 3D content.

3-D programming has recently been utilized for such things as the 2007 NBA Finals, and earlier this year, the BBC broadcasted the Rugby Six Nations match in 3-D.

The goal of the task force is develop a standard for 3-D playback “on all fixed devices in the home, no matter the delivery channel.” The group will first explore the technology needed to bring 3-D content to the wide variety of home devices as well as the method data is received, such as cable or satellite.

The task force holds its first meeting on August 19, at the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California and plans to issue a report within six months of their findings.

I’m sure the task force formed by the movie industry will also be exploring other options, such as the viewing of 3-D programming in actual theaters, such as was done for a game earlier this year.