Dangers of hype: $650 empty iPhone box sold on eBay

In a not-too-surprising turn of events, someone has taken upon himself to purchase the new iPhone 3G, and then turn around and sell (some of) it on eBay. Figuring the hype would shoot up the bid, they were right, and the auction finished off at $650.00 with a ton of bidding. Well, now that its over, the winning bidder is the proud owner of an “iPhone 3G Black 16 GB Box and Instructions”.

Ah, the smell of the weak feeding upon the weak.

No iPhone is included as the auction was for just the box and instructions. I don’t know who was thinking what with this auction, but I’m sure this transaction will never be consummated. When the winner highest bidder realized that they weren’t going to get an iPhone, I would assume they weren’t in a rush to pony up the cash. Especially since the auction doesn’t bother to state that there is no iPhone included. Unless of course, they actually did want a $650 box, in which case I have nothing more to say.

eBay via GearDiary