Try these Karaoke pills in case you suck at singing

I swear the timing of this posting has nothing to do with this one. It just so happened I came across these Karaoke pills today at Rakuten [JP], Japan’s biggest online shopping mall.

The Fushigi na Karaoke Taburetto (Mysterious Karaoke Pills) seem to have magical powers indeed. According to the manufacturer, they treat bad breath, expand your singing range by softening the vocal cords and relieve stress. As a result, you are supposed to sing better.  They promise your next performance at Karaoke will be brillant if you take 3 pills 10 minutes before.

The pills contain magnesium, starch, lactose, sodium chlorid, malic acid and other substances. Available at the end of July, the Karaoke pills (orange flavor) cost $2.50 per pack (5 pills).