Samsung TL9 cameras to feature MP3, PMP functions


The TL9 cameras from Samsung will feature portable media player functionality in the off chance that you want to listen to music or watch videos on the camera’s 2.7-inch screen. Yes, there is a headphone port and even “an external speaker boasting SRS 3D acoustic technology.”

As far as using the TL9 as a camera, it shoots at up to 10 megapixels and features a 5x optical zoom. It’ll also shoot MPEG-4 video at an 800×592 resolution. The cameras will be available in September for around $279.99. Full release below…



Ultra-Compact TL9 Features MP3/PMP Functionality and Dual Image Stabilization

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J., July 16, 2008 Samsung is proud to introduce the ultra‑compact, 10.0 megapixel TL9; the latest camera in the company’s digital camera lineup to feature MP3 and PMP functionality. The camera is highlighted by a powerful, internal 5x optical zoom as well as Dual Image Stabilization, which combines both Samsung’s advanced Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Digital Image Stabilization (DIS). When selected, OIS and DIS work simultaneously to provide blur-free, detailed images with remarkable clarity.

The TL9 is encased in a silver, metal body, measuring 3.74” x 2.36” x 0.84”. A unique design element also graces the top of the camera’s body – dual analog gauges. The small gauges, located next to the power button, display remaining battery life and memory capacity in a way that’s easy for the shooter to access while on the go. Thanks to the enhanced sensitivity of the TL9’s CCD sensor, which features a maximum ISO of 1600, and the camera’s Dual Image Stabilization, users can rest assured that they’ll be able to capture images in low-light situations, especially when the use of a flash is not desired.

The new TL9 also features an embedded contents management program called Digital Contents Management (DCM). DCM is useful tool that significantly reduces the time to find a photo. The program automatically organizes photos based on the date that they were taken, their contents, color, and themes. Users can search through their images by month or by using a timeline. Based upon the theme of the image they’re looking for, users can also search by whether it’s a portrait, couple, or group photo and can even search for those images that are either city or landscape shots. Additionally, the DCM program also automatically sorts images based upon color tones as well as whether it’s a photo, video, or voice/memo note.

“Longer optical zooms are becoming more of a desired feature on today’s digital cameras,” said Tony Sorice, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Digital Imaging, at Samsung Electronics America. “Although slim, the TL9 gives consumers the ability to go beyond the traditional 3x zoom found on compact cameras, to an impressive 5x zoom. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the long zoom is internal, meaning there’s no long lens barrel that protrudes from the camera. Samsung also managed to squeeze in Dual Image Stabilization – a unique feature for a digital camera in this class.”

The ultra-compact TL9 also features and advanced movie mode which offers users SVGA (800×592) MPEG-4 video with editing controls found right on the camera. By using the camera’s Successive Recording mode, users can pause and resume filming of a video clip without having to save the clip as separate individual files. While filming, users can also operate the camera’s optical zoom and engage a movie stabilizer to compensate for unwanted camera movement and subject blur.

When setting the camera to PMP mode, TL9 users can easily listen to their favorite MP3 files or watch their favorite video content on the camera’s large 2.7" high-resolution display. The bundled Digimax Converter software seamlessly converts the user’s MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV and ASF files for viewing on the TL9. For music on-the-go, the software can also convert MP3 and WAV audio files in several simple steps. The innovative software also allows users to view subtitles, adjust the screen size, and crop and stretch the image to fit the screen as desired. To listen to videos or music, the TL9 features a headphone port and an external speaker boasting SRS 3D acoustic technology.

Shooters can also benefit from a comprehensive suite of automatic controls designed to help them capture better images, specifically portraits and group shots of family and friends. The TL9’s Face Detection technology makes taking pictures of family and friends a snap, as it detects up to nine faces and automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better composition and image quality. Furthermore, the Smile Shot feature automatically triggers the TL9 to take a photo only when the camera detects smiles on the subjects’ faces, and Blink Detection will prevent a photo from being taken if the camera recognizes that a subject’s eyes are closed – a useful feature as it’s often difficult to distinguish closed eyes when composing a shot on an LCD screen. The TL9 also offers 13 scene modes to choose from, allowing shooters the ability to effortlessly adjust the camera and capture the best image possible in any setting.

The TL9 also puts an end to inadvertently lost images with a new feature called the Recycle Bin – a unique function that allows consumers to retrieve images which were deleted by mistake. When the Recycle Bin function is in use, the TL9 automatically creates a “trash” folder on the memory card which stores any image deleted from the camera. This special feature allows users to shoot, delete and restore images without the fear that they will be lost forever.