BoyGenius gives the Bold a thorough working over

BoyGenius has apparently had his mitts on the BlackBerry Bold for a month now and gave an extensive review, (including recommending coffee before reading.) In short: “This is the device every single BlackBerry user has been waiting for. Finally a BlackBerry that ‘has it all.’”

More review highlights include: a “gorgeous” screen, “We can safely say that this is the best screen we’ve ever seen on a mobile device”; a redone Web browser that “acts more like a Web browser and not a piece of garbage 1990’s WAP browser”; “dream” connectivity with 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS; a really usable keyboard with keys that are “a little squishy, but still firm”; and excellent call/sound quality.

Drawbacks? BoyGenuis said him and the Bold got off to rough start including: three minute start up; hot, crazy battery drama; the need for at least one OS update; and “even with this bad-ass 624MHz CPU, we still get slow downs and we still get freezes. Don’t get it mixed up, it is 100% faster than any other BlackBerry. We just can’t understand why this thing isn’t really optimized like it should be. Ah! Because the OS is from 1999.”

But overall, GBR sounded pretty shiny eyed for the new BlackBerry; “Every BlackBerry users’ dream lies in the Bold.”

Grab that coffee and check out the full review.