Muzu TV turns artists into ad-men

Muzu TV, one of the companies that demo’d at our recent TechCrunch Meetup in Dublin, has emerged with $8 million dollars in VC with another take on music videos: advertising supported.

It’s built up a library of music related video content (documentaries, TV shows, interviews, tutorials etc) and signed deals with 200 labels, one of which is Sony BMG which has a global artist roster including The Ting Tings, Foo Fighters, Kylie, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and MGMT.

This is an ad-supported streaming music video site which enables artists, labels, festivals, venues, fans and any other music content owner to broadcast their music TV on the web, “legally” and at no cost. The legal aspect is key – the player is designed to protect copyright holders buy giving the artist control and allowing it to earn revenue from adverts in the video player.

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