Check out the hybrid car/motorcycle by Carver

If you like the fuel-efficiency of a motorcycle and the comfort of a car, the Carver One might be what you’re looking for. The Carver One is a hybrid car/motorcycle that is compact and fuel-efficient. It only has three wheels and uses Dynamic Vehicle Control to bank the vehicle around turns. Just like if it was a bike and had only two wheels.

The body is 11.2 feet long, 4.3 feet wide, and 4.6 feet high, so I would image it would be easy to park on a small crowded street. The driver seat is said to be comfortable, but the optional backseat leaves much to be desired. The Carver’s speed maxes out at about 115mph and has a manual five speed transmission.

Drivers of the Carver One say it’s like driving a roller coaster — which I can understand since it banks around turns, much like roller coasters do. People have also said that it handles smoothly in varied weather conditions.

This one part car, one part motorcycle is currently only for sale in Europe for around $44,000. They are working on getting past all the regulations so they can release it in the US before 2010.