Warner Bros. to drop price of Blu-ray movies this fall


Warner Bros., the movie studio that single-handedly killed HD DVD some time ago, will release budget-priced Blu-ray discs starting this fall. By selling certain titles to retailers for as little as $11, Warner Bros. is helping to bring down the price that you and I pay for their movies on Blu-ray.

Discounted movies could include the likes of The Shining, Enter the Dragon, and I am Legend.

This can only be seen as good news for consumers. Provided these companies can convince Joe Public that upgrading to Blu-ray is worth the initial investment, walking into a Best Buy or Wal-Mart and seeing a movie for $30 a pop no doubt deflates enthusiasm for the format, especially when the price of essentials like food and fuel continue to rise. Try justifying to your spouse that I am Legend is worth $30 (or more) when more and more of the family budget is spent to fill the gas tank.

So yeah, a long overdue move on Warner’s part. Hopefully it starts an industry-wide trend.