Share Those ScrnShots

We love screen shots here at TechCrunch. They can really help readers visualize how a brand new Website looks and feels without actually having to go there. But for those whose appreciation rises to the level of obsession there’s ScrnShots, a Website for uploading, sharing, and talking about screen shots.

Of course, you can upload and share screen shots on plenty o existing services such as Flickr, SlideShare, or Screencast. But ScrnShots is all about creating a community around screen shots specifically. You can go there and see the most recent, the most viewed, and the most commented on screen shots. You can upload your own, and discuss them. It appeals to Website designers primarily (much like Colour Lovers lets them delve deep into colors and patterns), but anyone can upload or chime in.

And every screen shot can also be embedded elsewhere as a widget (click on the one below to be taken to corresponding ScrnShots page). The site doesn’t fill a big need, but it does fill its niche perfectly well.