Live: Microsoft E3 Briefing [Update]

First 45 minutes of the press conference.

Update: I’m updating with all the Qik videos I took. I’ll label them accordingly.

12:06 – And we’re out… Thanks for visiting.
12:04 Final Fantasy 13. north america and europe coming soon.

11:59 – Games for Windows.
Video should be back up.

11:57 – Square Enix releasing Star Ocean: The Last Remnant. RPG. 11/20/08
11:50Rock Band 2 coming in September. 84 songs on the soundtrack including Guns and Roses. Bob Dylan (!!!). Tangled Up in Blue. WHY BOB WHY! 20 bonus tracks. Rock Band tracks can be exported to Rock Band 2. Over 500 playable songs.
11:46 – Duffy now performing “Mercy” live.
11:44 – New Karaoke game with light-up microphones. Called Lips. Connect the Zune to the 360 to sing karaoke on those tracks. Motion sensitive. Available around the holidays.

11:41 – xbox 360 gamers worldwide will download three new REM tracks from their upcoming album and Metallica is joining GH universe. gh3 download for box 360 gamers is coming first, gh world tour coming later.
11:40 – guitar hero music – studio make and share music. GH Tunes – a platform for new bands.
11:39Guitar Hero World Tour with touch slide guitar. 8-player battle of the bands. Wireless drums.
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11:37 – New game: You’re in the Movies – act out scenes in movies and then you can compile them together into a bigger movie.
11:26 – 1,000 titles available (games) by end of year
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11:23 – Netflix coming to XBox 360. Free to Netflix subscribers. Share Netflix with your live party. Live streaming for everyone in your party.
11:22South Park game.
11:21Portal: Still Alive on XBox Live arcade.
11:19 – New Geometry Wars. Galaga Legions
11:17 – play 1 vs 100 and win real prizes. Games Channel. Uno Rush.
11:16 – XBox Live Prime Time. You can star in your own game show.
11:14 – Live party. 8 friends chatting and interacting. Chatting all at once. Photo sharing.
11:13 – Avatars – cute Mii-alikes that will pop into games.
MGM and Constantin Films available today for Europe.
NBC and Universal Studios are on board with Xbox Live. Content available today.
5 new members join Xbox Live every minute (I think that’s what he said)
Xbox 360 will sell more consoles than PS3. How? Prices for everyone and through the best online experience.
New 5-player co-op mode dubbed Horde.
Aborting Qik. Going to text. Refresh this page for updates.
10:55 – Locust can now sink cities.
10:54 – Epic Games design director. GoW2 response is tremendous.
10:54Gears of War 2. Peter Ha just peed.
10:53Fable 2 coming in October
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10:51 – Your networked friends can join you in the game.
10:50 – Same concept – growth and improvement over time.
10:49Fable 2 is done and soon available.
10:48Resident Evil 5 launches March 13, 2009.
10:30 – Getting settled.

More Gears of War 2 footage.