Terror-fruit boy denied access to the Cube

The fruits who stood in line since Tuesday were denied access to the Apple Store even though one of them, Daniel Simon, waited a full week to get in. His crime? Carrying organic apples.

Ron Johnson (Senior Vice President of Retail Operations at Apple Computer) apologized to me about the scuffle as TheWhoFarmers finally left the Apple Store with phones for us and for Barack Obama and John McCain. We agreed it was EXTREMELY bad judgment on the part of one private security guard (who wore no name tag, but had been barking orders all morning long.) And that bygones will be bygones.

Let’s all hope that whoever the guy who pushed me learned something from that experience. I’m not sure exactly I learned, but I’m sure it was something. (I’m still QUITE sleep deprived.}

Luckily he was not castrated let sent to Apple’s California eunuch farm to romp gaily among the Red Delicious trees.

via BBG