Photo of new checkpoint friendly bag

More news on the approaching possibility of keeping your laptop in a case while breezing through airport security. Along with bag-maker Skooba Design’s “beautiful prototypes, patents and trademarks pending,” they also posted a photo of a new security-friendly laptop case prototype for the new line, and they expect to have models available in time for the back to school/fall/holiday season.

The Transportation Security Administration says it has been working with luggage manufactures to create checkpoint friendly bags, which will allow travelers to keep laptops in their cases while slogging through security lines. TSA chief Kip Hawley told USA Today, that they should be in a position in a couple of months to allow people with the ‘right’ kinds of bags to leave electronics in them for scanning.

As shown, the new cases will unfold and when placed flat on the X-ray belt, screeners should be able to see the laptop inside as easily as when it was in a security bin all by itself.

While Skooba CEO Michael Hess, thinks security friendly bags, “could be huge,” I’m guessing it’ll take a bit longer than anyone hopes for this hot new development to have much an impact on security line wait times.

Skooba also has this flashy (if grainy) promotional video.
skooba\'s promotional video