Shopflick, No Longer In Private Beta, Raises $7 Million For Web Video Shopping

shopflick-logo.pngThe YouTube generation needs its QVC. That is what Shopflick is trying to become, but with an edgier feel targeted at younger Internet shoppers. The LA-based startup has raised $7 million in a series A financing, led by Panorama Capital and Venrock. Earlier it raised $1 million in angel money, including from former Guba CEO Tom McInerney.

Like eBay, the company plans to make money from listing and transaction fees. But its model is flipped from eBay’s in that it will try to make more from the transaction fees than the listing fees up front. Shopflick takes a 12.5 percent cut of each transaction, slightly more than eBay, but has waived listing fees for now, and plans to make them as low as $10 to $20 a month. (eBay’s listing fees can be ten times as much).

Since its private beta launch in April, Shopflick has quietly opened its doors to all comers. Now instead of watching mindless cat videos at your desk, you can be shopping instead. Somehow they don’t feel like commercials if you are actually selecting which ones to watch because you are in the market for a wallet made out of a tie or a mushroom spice jar.

Sellers on the site tend to be hipster boutiques and designers. The videos can be highly personal and slightly irreverent. LA rock band Malbec even has a store where they sell T-Shirts, stickers, and CDs. Here’s one:

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