iPhone hype moratorium

It’s Wednesday, we’re all tired, and we’ve decided to stop writing about the iPhone until we have it in our hot little hands on it Friday. There is no reason to obsess over every single screw on a device that, while being the best thing since a simultaneous orgasm in free-fall, is essentially the same device only ostensibly “faster.” Peter will be getting one at 8am on Friday morning and we’ll be braving the crowds to buy one at a local Apple or AT&T store, depending on if we don’t eat lunch, and then Peter will be on Attack of the Show on Friday night so I think we’ll iPhone the hell out of you poor souls then. Until Friday, however, we will not mention the word. Unless something huge happens. Like someone finds out that the prongs on the power supply are 1mm longer in this version than in the previous version. Then we’re TOTALLY posting.

You can thank us by sending us more traffic since we’re basically milking the iPhone for pageviews and without the coverage we will truly suffer. Tell all your friends about the little website that resisted writing about the iPhone.