‘FriendMobilizer’ brings Facebook to Windows Mobile

sel MoDaCo is reporting a new standalone Windows Mobile application that brings Facebook to the small screen.

While it’s no secret that you can access a mobile version of Facebook from just about mobile browser, FriendMobilizer cuts away a bunch of the fluff and loading times, with the added bonus of sending status updates and friend requests to your Windows Mobile Home Screen every thirty minutes.

I easily downloaded and installed the app, which required that I log in to Facebook and grant permission for the FriendMobilizer software to access all of my innermost secrets. I then remembered that I only log into Facebook about once a month to agree to friend requests from all the people I haven’t seen or heard from in ten years.

If you’re a Facebook junkie and a Windows Mobile user, have at it.

FriendMobilizer [FaceofMobile.com]