WALL-E: interstellar copyright scofflaw

Looks like the eponymous bot in Pixar’s acclaimed new movie “WALL-E” is a dirty, dirty pirate. Apparently the robot code doesn’t prohibit you from harming an artist’s livelihood. One astute Canadian watcher notes (names have been X’ed out for plot-protection):

1. WALL-E records audio from his favorite movie, XXXXXXXXXXX, putting in onto his own digital recorder (bypassing the macrovision DRM on the tape). A COPYRIGHT CRIME UNDER C-61

2. WALL-E archives the audio, he doesn’t merely time-shift it. He listens repeatedly! A COPYRIGHT CRIME UNDER C-61

3. WALL-E shares his DRM-broken music with his friend, another robot named XXXXX. A COPYRIGHT CRIME UNDER C-61

This reflects very poorly on Pixar. Shameful! [via BoingBoing]