Compared to AT&T iPhone 3G data plans, Canadians get screwed by Rogers


We’re still sifting through AT&T’s iPhone 3G presser, but one thing is clear: Canadian users are getting screwed by Rogers compared to AT&T’s prices. (American users get screwed, too, but that’s for another post.)

For starters, the number of minutes Canadians get is so low, I wonder why you’d even bother. The most expensive Rogers plan gives less weekday minutes than AT&T’s second-cheapest one!

Then there’s data. AT&T is kind enough to include unlimited 3G data transfer in all of its plans, yet Rogers users start out with 400MB on the cheapest plan.

Don’t be impressed with Rogers for giving you guys “bonus” text messages. (Never mind that text messages are, at most, 140 bytes of low-priority data, which costs these guys about as close to zero dollars and zero cents as possible.) AT&T gives you 200 texts for $5 a month. I don’t think I’ve sent 200 text messages in the whole of my life.

And with the Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar more or less at parity right now, this is a pretty straight comparison.

The most striking comparison is the cheapest plan. For $10 more, AT&T users get double the daytime minutes and unlimited data compared to 400MB. The 5,000 weekend minutes might as well be unlimited, because there’s no way you’re spending 5,000 on the phone over the span of four weekends.

Moral of the story? Go ahead and be outraged, Canadians.