AT&T stores are hiring! Get ye to the AT&Tery!

In anticipation of a massive influx of folks on July 11 AT&T stores are hiring greeters, runners, and back office managers. AppleInsider is also reporting that activation will be on-site and immediate, ensuring that it’ll take them hours to clear people out of the stores.

The instructions support expectations that, at least in the case of sales at AT&T stores, each iPhone 3G will need to be unboxed and fully activated at the point of sale. In a second memo, the wireless carrier put out a call for additional part time staffers for launch weekend, which listed among the available positions a back office manager / inventory runner whose job would include bringing iPhone 3Gs from the inventory room to retail sales consultants and then helping to unbox them in order “to facilitate unbricking.”

Again, there here is the darn “brick” term again. I guess that’s what they’re calling it internally, sadly.