Track your hunting dog with the Garmin GPS Dog Collar

If you are an avid hunter that uses hunting dogs the DC 300 GPS dog tracking Collar from Garmin might be the new toy your looking for. You simply attach the collar to your dog and it communicates with your (if you happen to have one) Astro 220.

The device tells you your dog’s position ever 5 seconds for 17 hours. You can improve the battery life by setting it to broadcast every 30 seconds, resulting in the battery lasting about 35 hours. Supposedly the DC 300 can tell you if your dog is pointing, siting, or moving (not sure how it knows). It can also tell you how fast you dog is going and how far it traveled.

I am not sure how many hunters read CrunchGear but this could still be useful if you were in to designer dogs. That way when your $1000+ dog runs away you can find the little bugger.