EA doesn't want new UK rating system since it'll delay game releases


Oh, EA. Do you even have a public relations company, or someone to put your statements through a “common sense” filter?

The Byron Report in the UK recommended an overhaul of the British video game rating system. Dr. Tanya Byron, who wrote the report, says the current rating system is inadequate, and for the sake of health and safety, sound morals, etc. the system should be shaken up. Crazy, right? How dare the doctor try to improve a flawed system, so as to limit the exposure of excessive violence to children. Damn her!

Well, EA says the proposed system would delay the release of video games in the UK. Can’t have that! Can’t wait a few weeks so that games be more thoroughly reviewed!

Says EA, without a shred of irony:

An extra and unnecessary layer of administration beyond a single system slows the process, and that delay will get passed on to the players themselves

“Unnecessary,” it says!

Call me crazy, but I’d sooner trust an accredited clinical psychologist when it comes to these matters than an EA pressured by investors to squeeze every last penny from consumers as possible.

But enough of my demagoguery. Who’s ready for Spain v. Russia?