Snow Leopard screens trickle out: Safari has mysterious 'Save as Web Application' menu item!


The first shots of Snow Leopard, Apple’s new operating system that should be here in about a year, are now starting to appear online. On a German site, of all crazy things! Anyhow, the biggest news from the released screen shots is the existence of a mysterious “Save as Web Application” menu item in Safari. What this does is save the Web site—let’s say Gmail, for example—and somehow saves a copy of it for use offline and on the desktop. In other words, it saves a Web site and turns it into a locally executable application. We’re officially going backwards, functionality-wise.

All that, of course, is idle speculation. “Save as Web Applcation” could well mean something entirely different in Apple Speak.

The rest of the screen shots, and there’s a lot of them, just show updated versions of apps like Quicktime.

via Apple Insider