First Hosted Asian DVB-H Mobile TV Service

Alcatel-Lucent and SpeedCast Limited have announced today that they plan to jointly market, deploy and operate a shared, hosted DVB-H platform for mobile TV operators in Asia. The objective of the collaboration is to enable delivery of video content to operators for transmission to devices supporting the DVB-H mobile TV standard. The service will enable mobile TV service providers to deliver more than 20 TV channels via satellite to their transmission towers for terrestrial broadcast (in the UHF band) to DVB-H handheld devices.

A hosted managed service allows operators to reduce the capital and operational expenditures associated with mobile TV service. It also ensures a faster time-to-market.

“This hosted mobile TV broadcast offering will help lower the risk to service providers associated with introducing a new service, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to provide their customers with attractively priced services and richer content offerings,” said
Pierre-Jean Beylier, Chief Executive Officer of SpeedCast Limited.