It is finished: I'm iPhone-less

This used to be me. Not the guy in the sweater, but the guy with the bag. But I wasn’t Asian. Nor did I wear a sexy t-shirt/button-down ensemble.

This is the saddest day of my adult life. In preparation for the iPhone 3G (“The same, only with 3G”), I’ve given up my iPhone to a relative in far off Poland. I swapped out my SIM card, placed it into a Nokia N95 8GB, and now have the SIM-less iPhone in my pocket, close to my genitals, letting rest there until the hour of the hand-off occurs.

I’m sad. I’m confused. I miss email that works – the N95 has been churning away at my CrunchGear email for an hour now for no good reason. I miss a good browser. I miss the little dancing icons. I miss, I miss, I miss…

Goodbye, first generation iPhone. I love you.