Philips expands its GoGear line with Shuffle-like audio player (with display!)


Philips, the progenitor of PSV Eindhoven in Holland, has released a few new digital audio players that may please the Sansa-loving crowd. They’re names are forgettable, with a hodgepodge of seemingly random numbers mixed together in a blender, but know that they’re all part of the GoGear family. GoGear, if you remember, had a heck of a showing at CES in January.

As for these particular players, they’re about what you’d expect from a small, inexpensive line of flash DAPs. Anywhere from 2-4GB of storage, built-in FM tuner for listening to “Stairway to Heaven” win best rock song at the end of the summer, and so on. An honest-to-goodness display differentiates it from the likes of the iPod Shuffle.

Nothing too crazy, in other words.

via Boing Boing Gadgets