Like gadgets? You’re probably an arrogant prick

Well, the secret’s out. People who are into technology and gadgets have a high tendency to be a-holes. Can you believe it?

According to Reuters

“An online study evaluating the characteristics of 25,000 American adults found avid technology consumers tended to score highly in personality traits such as leadership, dynamism and assertiveness — but low in modesty.”

To which you could argue that to be an assertive, dynamic leader, you’d have to ease up in the modesty department until everyone around you buys what you’re selling. How do you think I got this sweet blogging gig? Fake it ‘til you make it, am I right? High five, up top.

The study gauged 20 various mindsets on a scale of one to five and found things like…

“Those who scored a 5 in leadership were 68 percent more likely to have purchased three or more computers in the past two years, the study found.

Likewise, respondents who rated highly in assertiveness were 62 percent more likely to purchase a new cell phone when the newest model arrived on the market.”

So leadership: good. Assertiveness: I suppose that’s good. You gotta reach for the stars and whatnot. However, it was found that “avid tech consumers were also likely to be low in modesty and may be perceived as conceited or arrogant by others.”

“Others,” I might add, who are complete idiots hell bent on clicking pop-ups and asking us to show them how to clear the voicemail icon from their cell phones. Morons.