Shock: Study shows gamers have no problem with in-game advertising


A recent study—the opening words to every Men’s Health article ever—shows that gamers aren’t put off by in-game advertisements. The study, commissioned by one of the largest ad networks and carried out using EA and Activison games, found that 82 percent of gamers said that games were just as enjoyable with ads as they are without ads. Even more valuable to advertisers, and surprising to me, was that 70 percent of those “most opinionated” about in-game ads said they came away from their session feeling better about the brand.

In-game advertising is set to grow to a $2 billion industry by 2012.

In racing games and the like, I suppose there’s no harm in seeing a McDonalds billboard. But if I’m walking around Azeroth and see an ad for Cialis, well, I’d be a little confused.