Wii Fit seemingly blamed for £20.1 million worth of damage in the UK, don’t believe the hype

wii-fit I’m going to refrain from sensationalizing this story too much, as the UK’s Daily Telegraph is reporting that women that work out in their living rooms have caused over £20 million worth of damage to their homes in the past year in a post titled Wii Fit women leave £20 million toll of destruction to living rooms.

That total is derived from in-home destruction over the past year due to “over-enthusiastic work-outs,” even though Wii Fit has only been available in the UK for about a month. It could be argued that the title of the article states that Wii Fit women, as in, the types of women who would play Wii Fit, have caused that much damage, not the Wii Fit explicitly. But then the very first paragraph of the article says,

It was meant to get the nation back in shape in the comfort of our own homes – but women working out on the Nintendo Wii Fit video game have helped cause £20 million of damage to their living rooms.

That makes it sound even more like the Wii Fit is to blame. So there are some clumsy women, yes, and of the 1,000 polled for this particular article “As many as 86 per cent” said that they already owned a Wii Fit or were planning to get one soon. Come on, which one is it? And what is “as many as 86 per cent” supposed to mean?

Anyway, apply those numbers to the entire UK population coupled with an average of “£6.55 worth of damage to their homes in the last year” and you get what seems like £20.1 million worth of damage caused by the Wii Fit (or women who own or might someday own the Wii Fit if you read the article closely).

Don’t blame Wii Fit, in other words. But just to be on the safe side, if you’ve caused damage in your home by working out in the past year, be careful. That Balance Board can be like an odd-shaped torpedo underneath the wrong pair of feet.