Len Wiseman confirmed as director for Gears of War movie adaptation

If you’ve seen “Godzilla”, “Independence Day” or the latest addition to the “Die Hard” franchise then you’re familiar with what Wiseman is capable of and now he’s been confirmed as New Line’s man to helm the adaption of GoW. Chris Morgan is taking over the duties as head writer. Cliffy B. will act as executive producer to ensure they don’t screw it up. It was originally slated for a summer 2009 release, but that likely won’t happen.

“It’s like with our games, you can have it right or have it right now,” said Epic Games topper Mark Rein. “We want to get it right. There’s no timetable for us. We just want to make as good a movie as we can, and we think (Wiseman’s) the guy who will do it.”

Wiseman is also producing the third “Underworld” flick, which is why I included the above image because he’s a lucky enough to see Kate Beckinsale in skin tight pleather.