JVC announces three new high-definition Everio camcorders, one of which records 50 hours of video


Good morning and happy Monday to everyone. My name is Doug and I’m here to tell you about three new hard drive-based camcorders coming from JVC. It’ll be fun!

Okay, so we’ve got the Everio GZ-HD10, the Everio GZ-HD30, and the Everio GZ-HD40. All three of them do high definition, while the HD30 and HD40 can do dual-mode recording – either MPEG-2 format or AVCHD format. The GZ-HD10 just does AVCHD.

If you’ve owned an Everio camcorder in the past, you’ll know that the MPEG-2 format is finicky at best, as its actually recorded as an .MOD file that can’t be opened by too many video editing programs without a little grunt work.

I have an Everio and I use Sony Vegas to edit video, so I need to rename every file extension from .MOD to .MPG first and THEN re-encode them into actual MPEG-2 files (even though the MOD format is supposedly MPEG-2) before I can edit them. It’d be great to just drop the actual files into Vegas, which I’m guessing can be done with the AVCHD files, so these cameras are appealing in that sense.


The HD40 can record up to 50 hours of high-definition video in EP mode on its 120GB hard drive. Both the HD40 and the HD30 record at 1920×1080 resolution and, as previously mentioned, will also record in the MPEG-2 format, although you’ll very likely have to re-encode it if you want to be able to edit it. However, if you use iMovie HD 6 or Final Cut Pro 5 or 6 on a Mac, the cameras come with plug-ins that allow the MPEG-2 files to be opened in those programs.

The GZ-HD10 records solely in the AVCHD format at 1440×1080 resolution. All three cameras output directly to TVs via HDMI or to computers via USB and they all will come equipped with newly-designed CMOS chips that JVC claims actually surpass what’s required for high-definition resolution standards by generating “virtual pixel data from the red, green and blue physical pixels.”

These new Everio camcorders will all be available in August. The HD10 will cost $799.95, the HD30 will cost $999.95, and the HD40 will cost $1299.95.