New Yorkers robbed when trying to buy iPhones off Craigslist


Would you go to a notoriously bad neighborhood to buy an iPhone you found advertised on Craigslist? As many as 12 people here in New York did, and got robbed for their troubles.

A ring of four thugs lured New Yorkers to Flatbush, Brooklyn with the promise of heavily discounted iPhones, all advertised on Craigslist from March to June 4. One deal advertised 10 iPhones available for just $2,000. When the prospective buyers showed up, they were robbed at gunpoint. That’s a fine how-do-you-do.

Police shut the ring down last week.

And, uh, those of you looking for an iPhone deal: remember, it drops in price starting on July 11.

Be alert, folks.

via Drudge Report