New Eee PC models get US pricing, starting at $599

An Asus rep told Laptop that pricing for the next generation of Eee models would be as follows;

Eee PC 901 (Linux or Windows): $599

Eee PC 1000 (Linux or Windows): $699

Eee PC 1000H (Windows only): $649

You’ll recall that the 901 will come with a 12GB SSD if you choose the Windows version or a 20GB drive if you go with Linux. The 1000 will apparently come with a 40GB SSD, but it’s unclear what – if anything – you get by choosing Linux over Windows. The 1000H is Windows-only and will have an 80GB standard hard drive.

Still no definite release date in the US, but TechDigest is reporting a July 1st launch date in the UK for the 901 and the 1000, so it shouldn’t be too much longer now.